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It took a Pandemic to Finally Make the Workplace about People.
Addgene is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit with a unique business model. Led by its Executive Director Joanne Kamens, Addgene’s mission is to accelerate research and discovery. It collects and distributes research reagents, plasmids and materials derived from plasmids, such as viral vectors, to scientists in over 100 countries.

Addgene has been called the ‘Amazon of plasmids’.
Receiving no grants and just a few ‘donations’ of capital, Addgene under Joanne’s leadership won the #1 mid-size company Best Place to Work in the 2016 Boston Globe competition and has been in the Top 20 ever since, winning numerous workplace awards.

Discover what makes Addgene a special place to work and the techniques and practices that have created its celebrated inclusive culture.
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